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A prepared work, for instance a chapter inside of a textbook or entry within a reference reserve, primarily based completely on secondary sources, as an alternative to on unique analysis involving primary documents. Irrespective of whether a supply is secondary or tertiary might be determined by examining the bibliography (if a single is presented).

Also refers to an promotion preprint of four or more webpages, Usually just one-50 % the dimensions of your newspaper into which it is actually inserted.

A Software in the shape of the sample or overlay, Utilized in graphics like a manual while in the duplication of letters, shapes, or models. Assess with stencil.

A reprint of a work constructed from a completely new environment of key in which every detail of the looks of printed subject in the first edition is copied as specifically as you can. Synonymous with facsimile reprint

A handbook made for people serious about touring a foreign place or an unfamiliar town, condition, province, or area of their own individual state. In combination with describing big attractions, most journey guides incorporate maps and directions, specifics of eating and right away lodging, and assistance about forex Trade, immunizations, private basic safety, and conversation While using the nearby inhabitants. Some guides focus on a particular form of journey, such as bicycle touring or ecotourism.

Files intended by their creator to stay handy for a brief time only, that have no archival value and may be discarded or destroyed when no more required without having decline to the person or Business, for example, draft versions not needed to doc a method or order information for resources that were received and processed by a library.

The realm coated by a representation agreement or visited by someone salesperson or sales workforce used by a firm that divides its revenue pressure protection on The idea of geography, product sales potential, or other characteristics.

A map meant to present the distribution of one or more characteristics or qualities above all or possibly a part of the area on the earth. Thematic maps is often quantitative

A small image of the website page of text or graphic component Utilized in a Web page being a connection to the same image in larger sized structure. Considering that thumbnail graphics take fewer time and energy to load than the total-dimension impression, they are sometimes Employed in Web content to offer the choice of enlarging a picture with out noticeably expanding enough time required to transmit the doc.

A decoration printed from the blank Place at the end of a chapter or other division of the book, usually a printer's ornament or a small illustration finished by a specialist illustrator (see this instance).

Promotion copy supplied from the marketing Office of the publishing corporation, usually printed around the dust jacket of a completely new e-book to entice the reader to open up the quilt and sample the text.

A cautiously chosen group of objects, often photos as well as other files considered agent of daily life at a specific interval in time, sealed within a durable container for storage at a recognized spot, to become retrieved and opened at a upcoming date to determine a link While using the past (see this instance). A short ceremony is often held whenever a time capsule is devoted and at its opening.

A row of tabs in the graphical consumer interface, typically located over the base from the screen, with text labels indicating the programs and information at the moment open. In multitasking, a tab is usually clicked with the user to bring the corresponding window towards the foreground check my reference or to restore it to its authentic dimension following it has been minimized.

Also refers to the strand (or strands) of spun fiber Utilized in bookbinding to sew the sections of the e-book with each other, usually crafted from cotton or linen in device-sewn bindings. Silk or linen thread may very well be Employed in hand-sewing.

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